About this product

About this product

The practical, efficient and stylish way to manage and promote Used Vehicle stock

Easy2 Automotive combines simple operation with a fully customisable mobile-friendly website front end. No need for specialist software, all you need is a spreadsheet with your used vehicle details on it, and photos saved using the licence plate in the name.

You can update your entire website stock list in a couple of minutes.

Once you log in you are given direct access to the key functions.

image of back office start menu

Uploading a new stock list

For example, all you need to do to update your stock is click the button labelled “Update the cars for sale listing” which takes you to the upload screen. Click “Choose file” and navigate to the location on your computer or network where your latest list is stored. Clicking “verify file” checks the file is ok, and “import” clears the old stock information and replaces it with your new list.

Images connect automatically

Any images for vehicles you previously upload will still be there, and will automatically connect with the new stock list.

To upload new images, click the button in the start menu called “Upload car photos” which takes you to a page where you can create a new gallery.